The West African Community Council (WACC) is a 501(c)(3) non    profit organization with EIN 46-2838797. The WACC tirelessly works closely and synergistically with and for the underserved community it serves to produce the most effective outcome and close the service gap. For the longest period of time, West Africans that dwell in this region have benefited the least from any kind of help from the City of Seattle, State of Washington, federal and private entities to sustain adequate living standards.   The WACC will strive to be the voice of its constituents. Time has come for underserved groups to break away from the injustice they endured for the past and leap forward through building strong communities, develop programs to address our community members’ needs and set the stage for future generations. The WACC will work to secure the adequate resources and funds to empower our constituents to dwell with dignity in Washington State.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to advocate, organize, assist, educate and support West African community members while preserving our tradition, culture, social, religious and moral believes.


The WACC envisions the unity of its community members, where diverse traditions are respected and honored, families are given equal opportunities, and individuals are valued regardless of their country of origin, ethnicity, and gender.


The WACC is committed to strengthening the values of its community members by building from bottom up to have foster unity, respect, dignity, growth, and stewardship.