The West African Community Council (WACC) provides quality and culturally reflective early learning through One Family learning Center.

The WACC has established its early learning program due to the clamoring among our organization’s constituents for trusted child care and child development services. An indication of this groundswell of support for early learning services is the over 2,100 hours of volunteer labor and individual donations totaling over $100,000 from community members that have transformed a former residence into a beautiful, well-equipped preschool facility

The first few years of life play a critical role in brain development. Healthy brain development and success in school is dependent upon stimulation, play and positive role modeling years before children reach Kindergarten. Research shows, however, that children growing up in low-income, immigrant families have significantly lower levels of language and cognitive development than their more affluent peers with native-born parents. Contributing factors include: childcare costs in King County are among the highest in the nation (Puget Sound Sage, 2014). Washington families with incomes at the federal poverty level of $19,790 for a family of three spend an average of 47.7% of their income to care for a four-year-old child at a child care center and 38.8% at a family child care home (Child Care Aware of America, 2015). Families are often forced to have mothers stay home with their babies as the cost of childcare is prohibitive. Our early learning program is well equipped to overcome that.